We can think about each emerging technology as a superpower.

Superpowers work in two realms: the physical world where things are tangible, made of material, made of β€œstuff” – the world of atoms and in the realm of imagination, intuition - the digital world of bits.

(See the red ones (1) and zeros (0) ? ... those represent bits. The blue flower looking things are atoms)

Automator is the first superpower we will learn about.

The Automator is the power to automate things. In the world of bits and information it means creating programs that β€œthink” by themselves. In the world of atoms, it goes further, having machines that do stuff on their own.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robots give the abilities for automation.

(Of course they both rely on Computing as well as other things like Energy.)

In the Convergence Canvas, a visual thinking tool we'll introduce later, automator fits as this:

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