Augmented Reality (AR)

When you are in VR the device overtakes the whole experience, especially the goggles in front of your eyes. Sone see-though visor that allows you to not walk into the brickwall and overlays some digital information on top of it.

Some newer devices allow to go from one end to the other, to gradually dim out the real world.

Honorary mentions

Pokemon Go

this AR game where people chased Pokemon creatures all around the citis.

![]( go.png)


Microsoft's VR headset is in the AR category.

It's easy to see how useful this can be...

  • a surgeon seeing internal organs before making a cut

  • a mechanic seeing parts of an engine when taking it apart

  • police and army seing who is the bad guy in a crowd (but who decides anyways?)

Magic Leap

The urban legend goes like this: after giving a demo to the investors they were invited into a conference room here coffee wold be served. When they reached for the coffee mug their hand went through the projection. The coffee wasn't real. Next they reached for their checkbooks.

![]( leap.png)

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