Moore's Law

![Gordon Earle Moore (born January 3, 1929) is an American businessman, engineer, and the co-founder and chairman emeritus of Intel Corporation.]( moore.png)

In 1965 Gordon Moore posited a doubling every year in the number of components per integrated circuit, and projected this rate of growth would continue for at least another decade.


Ray Kurzweil extended it by looking back historically

and predicted it will continue, going forward

Kurzweil's predictions were made decades ago so by now he has an excellent track record.

Kurzweil also extended Moore's Law in scope: it's not just about computers but abut every technology that becomes "information enabled".

Some Charts of Technological Change

πŸ”— Computational capacity of the fastest supercomputers

πŸ”— Computation used to train notable artificial intelligence systems

πŸ”— Historical cost of computer memory and storage

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